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Movies You May Have Missed: Blackfish (2013)

This is not an old film, in fact it’s pretty new. But you probably missed it and you really should see it.
A mate of mine asked me what the best film I saw in 2013 was, and after some thought I concluded no film bar one drew such physical and emotional reaction from me whilst keeping my unwavering attention. That film was Blackfish.

It’s a documentary roughly about the treatment of Killer Whales at SeaWorld with the focal point being the mercurial Orca Tilikum and the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau. It’s a fantastic eye opener of the smoke and mirrors of big corporate SeaWorld and is truly an emotional rollercoaster from the start, not easy viewing and if you’ve seen and loved The Cove, this is for you. The film was so influential it has severely affected SeaWorld’s business and forced high profile guests to cancel shows.

Here’s the trailer, so have a gander and tell me what you think. Cheers


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