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Box Sets You Must Watch – Generation Kill

I appreciate this may only appeal to my male audience and I’m OK with that. I do compell everyone and anyone to give this is a chance.

Based on the book of the same name by Evan Wright and from the makers of the Wire, it follows the antics of a Recon Marine Batallion that Wright was embedded in Iraq circa 2003, with whilst he was working for Rolling Stone Magazine over the first 40 days of the Iraq Invasion.

The Series does not glorify the war at any level, it questions it at every level. Obviously based on true events and characters, Generation Kill shows fantastically the discontent the soldiers felt for their missions and subpar leadership as well as the frustration and guilt that went with the constant incopetence and cock ups that were out of there hand. All of that whilst being unbelievably funny, in a really dark way. The interactions and dialogue between the soldiers is ridiculous and every conversation is had with tongue firmly planted in cheek, so much so I wouldn’t be wrong in labelling this a war comedy drama. I mean, it’s really really funny.

Starring Alexander Skarsgård, Jon Huertas, Eric Nenninger, Stark Sands, Kellan Lutz and the delightfully funny James Ransone to name a few of a fantaastic ensemble cast.

It didn’t do great when it was on telly, but like all good series, it is best appreciated in sequence and not once a week, just like the Wire.

Anyways get on this, rent it, buy it, download it, get a hold of it some how. You will not be disappointed and it has some serious rewatchability despite only having 7 episodes.


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