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Fantastic Films You Might Have Missed – The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

New segment I’m starting. Basically every year there a dozens of cracking films that go under the radar because movie studios don’t give them the same marketing or wide range release as some of the other tosh that is released (Transformers 3 anyone?). So I’ve made it a mini mission of mine to recommend a visual slice of cool, that will make you think: “Oh that wasn’t a waste of 90 minutes, i actually quite liked that. Transformers 3 was shit”. Or something along those lines.

Anyway to kick off our little adventure outside the mainstream I give you *drum roll*:

The Royal Tenenbaums.

A ridiculously cast that stays true to the Wes Anderson’s trademarks of an ironic, absurdist sense of humour about affluent but damaged adults, who’s issues stem from parental issues as well as Bill Murray and Anjelica Huston making appearances and vintage wardrobe.

The film sets up as the dramatisation of a novel about the title character Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman) and his attempts to reconnect with his estranged family, (Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow & Anjelica Huston) and the interactions with the characters around their lives (Danny Glover, Owen Wilson, Bill Murray) all under the narration of Alec Baldwin. Everyone in this film is fantastic and there are no stock characters, everyone has some sort of quirk that is so dominant it is their identity.

It’s not a laugh out loud film, with loads of slapstick, violence and sex and that’s a good thing, trust me. The greatest thing about it is its subtlety but at the same time I found it totally engrossing, and that helps because although the film has lots of different storylines revolving around the family. The soundtrack works great, it looks great, but not overbearing and the story is cracking. Give it ago and let me know what you think. Cheeeeeeeerrrrrrrsssss


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