Music / Song of the Day

Song of the Day – Bastille

We Like this. A Lot.

It’s been around for a while and you’ve probably already come across it on one of your favorite guilty pleasure telly shows such as TOWIE or Made in Chelsea. This Band has been picking up some good traction on sites such as Hype Machine and Soundcloud so keep an eye out for them getting some mainstream love very soon (unless I’m hideously late).

You also may notice the lead chap in the video resembles a certain Winner named Charlie Sheen. Well, that’s because it’s his old man, Martin Sheen (of Apocalypse Now and West Wing fame) in clips from Terrence Malick’s iconic film Badlands with Sissy Spacek. It kind of makes sense, if you’ve seen the film or know what it’s about then the music really compliments it (one for all you movie boffs out there).

Anyway enjoy, comment, like, rate, whatevs. Cheeeeeerrrrrrrrrsssss.


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