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2 Reasons to Appreciate K-Pop

Thanks to Blog That Music for alerting me to this.

Apparently we, in the UK, are not the only ones who manufacture aesthetically pleasing girl bands. The Koreans do it as well, and because I see my self as a bit of a renaissance man, open to new cultures I came across these two acts. One is called T-ARA aka 티아라, other named KARA aka 카라 (good to know originality is rife in K-Pop).

Before you go all judgey and think I have done this just as an excuse to share their Music videos, you are wrong and I’m a little insulted. I am also critiquing their music, and these are my thoughts. They’re OK, quite catchy. See I’m not shallow.

Either way, have a gander, let me know what you think, who you prefer or who you reckon would win in a fight etc. Personally I think Kara is the more… I want to say talented(?), ok you caught me out. But parts of their song do make me feel like I’m in a car chase from the opening credits of a 70’s cop show and if I’m totally honest I don’t hate Sexy Love by T-Ara, it’s surprisingly catchy towards the end and I was actually humming it the other day.

Here are their Facebook pages incase you feel the need to investigate further:

Check Kara(카라) out on Facebook here. and T-Ara here


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