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Best Debut Albums of the Last 10 Years (part 2)

Following on from Part 1, here is the of our list:

10)      Two Door Cinema Club – Tourist History

Summery and would fit in at any hipster laden festival, Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album and it’s overtly sunny disposition is filled with likeable tracks. I actually don’t have a song I don’t like on this and can listen to it all day any day. Their follow-up Beacon is actually better, believe it or not.

11)      Bon Iver – For Emma, For Ever Ago

Yes it’s a bit dour, but it’s brilliant. Just don’t listen to it if you’re in a fragile mood. Skinny Love has appeared on countless teen aimed Tv ‘dramas’ and I’m pretty sure this is one of the few albums to actually spawn a cult, not just a cult following.

12)      Bombay Bicycle Club – I Had the Blues But I shook Them Off

This, like Tourist History is full of likeable tracks and has strong replayability (is that even a word?). Credit to the London-based band, all 3 of their albums are really different in style, so you can’t really say which is best/ worst, they each cater different moods. But this is a really fun, slick album with great lyrics. Listen to this album (and the others)!!

13)      The Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out

The soundtrack to teenage private school kids in from 2006 to 2008. I’m pretty sure Naïve is one of the better songs of the decade.

14)       Pendulum – Hold Your Colour

Hold your colour made Drum and Bass mainstream. It had a massive impact on what peopled listened to and opened the door to a genre that only really had limited following. Tracks like Slam (with help of a hilarious video) and Tarantula gaining the most success, and Hold Your Colour probably the strongest song on the album.

15)      Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More

Up for the same Mercury Music award that the XX eventually won, this album had widespread success and brought the modern folky genre to the forefront along with acts like Noah and the Whale, Bombay Bicycle Club and Laura Marling. Parts of it wouldn’t be out of place in an Irish Pub or a Christmas album and other parts would fit in a West End show. Either way it’s freaking good.

16)      Foster the People – Torches (2011)

Foster the People, for me, pushed on from what Empire of the Sun started and with a really dancey, poppy, fun, fast audiophilic collection of music. With various songs featuring on videogames, Tv shows and films it’s safe to say it’s a very good first album.

17)      Bloc Party – Silent Alarm (2006)

I actually don’t know what to say about this. Instead I will list a few of the songs off it, so you get the gist of how good it is: Helicopter, Banquet, Two More Year, So Here We Are, This Modern Love, Blue Light, She’s hearing Voices. Do you get the idea?

18)      Jack Johnson – Brushfire Fairytales (2001)

Oh. Em. Gee. Jack Johnson became a household name after this album and followed it up with some fantastic acoustic, surf styled beach music and millions of youtube covers. It’s so mellow and happy and nice and makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Notables: Florence + The Machine – Lungs (2009). Dizzee Rascal – Boy in the Corner (2004), Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend (2008), James Blunt – Back to Bedlam (2004), Kate Nash – Made of Bricks (2007), Duffy – Rockferry (2008), Kasabian – Kasabian (2004), Panic! At the Disco – A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out (2004).

As usual comment or like. Disagree? or have any suggestions, let us know. Cheers.


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