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New full trailer for Lincoln the movie

Daniel Day-Lewis has reappeared for only his 5th film since Boxer in 1997! Don’t get me wrong, the few films he’s done have been pretty big deals such as Gangs of New York, There Will Be Blood and Nine all gaining wide spread acclaim.

This time he takes the role of much revered United States President Abraham Lincon in the Steven Spielberg direct Biopic that has a strong ensemble cast including (Dark Knight wannabe but probably Robin) Joseph Gordon-Levitt, (Man in Black) Tommy Lee Jones and (SpiderAunt) Sally Field. The trailer is filled with bits of Lincoln’s tenure during the US Civil war and the difficulty he had to abolish slavery. Of course in typical Spielberg fashion all of this is accompanied by a dramatic score composed by John Williams just so you know monumental the whole thingy is.

It does look promising, maybe not as epic as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but you never know.

Also, apparently Liam Neeson was originally attached to play Lincoln! Can you imagine that? Going around, Kungfu chopping confederate Generals in the throat, while taking on a pack of wolves! Its a shame he isn’t in it in some capacity but I guess he had better things to do. Like Taken 2!!!!


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