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This is 40 Trailer – The “follow up” to Knocked up

Those of you who loved Knocked Up, get excited. This film centers around Leslie Mann & Paul Rudd’s characters from Knocked up as they work themselves through the ‘mid-life’ with Judd Apatow directing as he did in Knocked Up.

I really liked Knocked Up and wanted more of Paul Rudd’s chilled Music Exec family man with a disinterest in confrontation, personally I think Rudd is fantastic in most things from Friends to Our Idiot Brother although he tends to play similar characters.

This is one of the better trailers I’ve seen in a while plus the soundtrack to it is ace [You Only Live Once by the Strokes & What is Life by George Harrison].

The Films due out around Christmas in the UK so i’m looking forward to that.

Have a gander and let us know what you think [also keep an eye out for cameos from Jason Segal reprising his role from Knocked Up aswell as Chris O’Dowd & Megan Fox]


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