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Learning Mandarin just got sexy.

Came across this a while back, massively hilarious.

Mandarin is one of the most complex languages in the world thats when Kaoru Kikuchi found a solution to this problem — have sexy women do the teaching is an online school for learning China’s official language. “Students” get to watch models speaking Mandarin while sporting sexy lingerie, along with Mr. Feng, a cartoon character who explains what the models are saying.

Launched in December 2011, Sexy Mandarin has become a big hit among netizens. Architecture graduate Kaoru Kikuchi’s goal was to make Mandarin more accessible to other people.

”If you go the textbook way, with all these Chinese characters, it just makes you intimidated,” she said. “If you start with the colloquial way … or sexy clips, it is a different story.”

While most people reportedly enjoy this way of teaching there are sure to be people who find it degrading for women and probably demeaning. I’m not one of them.

This is one way to get people to learn a new language and educate the masses plus it’s pretty funny.

Here’s a snippet.

Credit to Weird Asia News


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