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Hello. Hola. Aloha. Wagwan.

Hello. Hola. Aloha. Wagwan.

I like to think I’m a pop culture nerd. But after a recent conversation with a friend where I was unable to name what in my opinion of the greatest film of all time is, he pointed out that one couldn’t be a fan boy and not answer a “question thats simple as Fu[dge]”.

After some soul searching and probably useless further thought into the question I came up with a theory. Labelling greatness in this context comes down to 2 things, mood and genre.

The thing is, for me, enjoyability of these things (apart from being objective) come down to mood and this is the same for television shows, music & even YouTube videos.  I mean, as great a film as, let’s say Saving Private Ryan is (it is unequivocally loved amongst men) there is a time when one wouldn’t enjoy it because the mood isn’t right. Even a video of a theatric Chipmunk with over 35.8 million views (35.8!!! Are you shitting me) will only be enjoyed under the right circumstances.

With regard to genre, it would be naïve and a bit ignorant to compare and rank two perceived great films (or whatever) when they are polar opposites in style. Why would anyone compare Zoolander to Shawshank Redemption? That would be as ludicrous as comparing Apples & Oranges, Kathryn Jenkins & Lady Gaga*, Football & Tennis or even the Japanese to Jamaicans! It’s just a feckless task.

So seeing as I was planning to start writing again, much to the demand of fans of my previous blog and having pinched inspiration from having watched High Fidelity far too many times, I am planning on inundating you with endless lists hopefully entertaining you, whilst possibly starting or ending arguments with your mates**. I’ll throw in the odd review and bits from around the world that probably only fascinate me. Sweet! Lets get started.

Leave some comments below and tell your pals please, cheeeeerrrrrrrssssssssssss.

*No I don’t think there is anything rreally great about Lady Gaga but for I couldn’t think of anything more opposite to Kathryn Jenkins who I’m told is pretty great.

** Actually I’m bored and have no friends. Will you be my friends?


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